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One of the many foundation repair solutions we offer is a Slab Pier System. This is a reliable and efficient way to level and stabilize your floor. If you are interested in a Slab Pier System, make LUX Foundation Solutions your first call. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust that you are in good hands. Click here to get started. 

What Is A Slab Pier System?

The solution for settled, uneven concrete floors or a failing concrete slab is the Grip-Tite Slab Pier System.  The Slab Pier System utilizes high-strength tube steel to extend support of the slab to the below active soils.  A reinforced concrete bulb is then created at each pier location beneath the slab to provide uniform bearing support and to effectively transfer the load from the slab, to the top of the pier, and to the deeper competent soils.

With the Grip-Tite Slab Pier System, heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the failed slab and steel piers driven beneath to stable soil strata.  Utilizing hydraulic equipment, the concrete slab is lifted to the appropriate level, stabilized and the bracket is removed. If you want to learn more about slab pier systems, contact LUX Foundation Solutions!

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Choose LUX Foundation Solutions For Your Slab Pier System Installation

At LUX Foundation Solutions we have the expertise and experience to repair your property’s foundation. Slab Pier Systems is just one of many options we provide our clients throughout Northern & Central Florida. Contact us today to receive a free estimate!

Slab Pier System Advantages:

Slab Pier Systems are a great alternative instead of a complete replacement. There are many advantages when considering Slab Pier Systems, which include:

If you have any questions regarding Slab Pier Systems, contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions! We are here to help. 

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