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At LUX Foundation Solutions we have the experience and knowledge to fix your foundation right the first time. We employ the latest technologies and practices for your foundation repair to ensure you are getting the best repair possible. Many of our repairs come with lifetime (of the home) or long-term transferable warranties. Once all projects are completed, all methods of repair are evaluated to ensure your safety and investment. Contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions today for foundation repair services you can trust.

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Do These Signs Seem Familiar?

Below are common symptoms that could indicate that you have an underlying foundation problem. If these seem familiar, contact the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions.

basement concrete cracked wall
Cracks in Concrete Walls
Rotting Wood Roof
Rotting Wood
sagging floorboards in a house
Sagging or Flexing Floors
ceiling crack in drywall
Drywall Cracks
Bowing Walls
Crack in slab floor
Cracks in Slab Floor
cracks in mortar outside of home
Cracks in Mortar
Not level flooring
Unlevel Basement Slab Floor

Causes of Foundation Problems

What Causes Foundation Damage?

No foundation is the same, so there are various things that can cause foundation damage. These include:

Schedule an appointment with the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions and receive a free inspection to determine the severity of your foundation problem.

Damage stabilizer in foundation of a house

Foundation Repair Solutions

solutions customized to your home

At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer a variety of solutions that are customized to your home. Below you will find the various foundation repair services we provide our clients. If you have a question or want to learn more about our foundation repair solutions, contact us today!

Why Should You Repair Your Foundation?

When it comes to foundation complications, it’s important to fix the problem right away. The foundation is the most crucial piece of the structure for any building. That’s why it’s important to repair your foundation because if it’s damaged it’s a safety hazard. Plus, the longer you put it off the more costly the repairs will be down the road.

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