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Sticking Windows & Doors

The symptoms

You may start to notice within your home your windows and/or doors sticking or jamming. While there are many causes that can lead to sticking windows and doors, it can also be a sign of foundation-related problems.


Some symptoms you can look for include: doors not opening or closing properly, having to use extra force, diagonal cracks at the corners of windows and doors, and uneven floors. Rely on the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions for all your sticking window and door repair needs.

Sticking doors

The Causes

There can be many situations that can lead to making your doors or windows stick. When it comes to your foundation shifting or settling, some causes are:

Other causes of sticking doors and windows include high humidity, damaged hinges, or faulty window sashes.

Our solution

LUX Foundation Solutions will perform an inspection on your home to determine the root cause of your sticking windows and doors. Each solution is customized to your home and the problem it’s facing. Some common foundation solutions we use include:

Both these options will support your foundation and in return, your home will become more level. This will help your doors and windows to go back to normal. If you notice your windows or doors sticking, don’t wait. Hire the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions to come take a look. Contact us today!

Do I Need To Fix This?

Determining the root cause of your sticking windows and doors can determine the severity of your situation. If it’s caused by an underlying foundation problem, if left untreated, can cause additional issues that will be more costly down the road.


The last thing you want is for your safety to be compromised due to your foundation. If you recognize some of the warning signs in your home, contact us right away. We can determine the proper solution to get your home back to the normal state.

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