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Sagging or flexing floors over crawl space

The symptoms

If your floor is starting to sag, it could be because of your crawl space joists deteriorating. Some signs that could indicate you have damaged floor joists include:

If these seem familiar within your property, then it’s important to get a professional opinion. Contact LUX Foundation Solutions for a free inspection of your crawl space and sagging floor repair you can trust.

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The Causes

Crawl space foundations are common among homeowners. As homes with crawl spaces age, it’s common for the crawl space supports to start to deteriorate and become damaged. This in result can cause failing crawl space supports and cause your floor to sag.

Our solution

LUX Foundation Solutions provides repair services that can fix your foundation damage permanently. We understand that the value and stability of your home are on the line, so that’s why we work quickly and efficiently. The professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions will asses your crawl space and determine its condition and the proper solution moving forward. One of the most common solutions we use is the Grip-Tite Stabilizer. This stabilizer supports your joists and levels and stabilizes your property’s floor. If you are interested in learning more about our crawl space solutions, contact us today!

Do I Need To Fix This?

Keeping your crawl space healthy is important for the structural integrity of your entire home. Sagging floors can also be a safety hazard within your property. When you notice your sagging floors above your crawl space it’s important to assess it before it gets worse. A sagging crawl space can slowly cause the overall structural integrity of your home to be compromised.

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Are you experiencing sagging or flexing floors?

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