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Cracks in slab floor

The symptoms

Cracks within your concrete slab repair can be easy to spot. It’s determining how severe the crack is and what the crack was caused by that’s important. There are many concrete cracks within homes that vary in width and length. If you notice a crack growing in size, we recommend getting a professional opinion. At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer concrete slab repair you can trust, contact us today for a free inspection.

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The Causes

Smaller cracks are likely insignificant and are caused by things like concrete curing. Another cause is the soil beneath the concrete not being properly prepared, therefore erosion over time can lead to expanding and cracking. This can also cause parts of your concrete slab to collapse.

Our solution

LUX Foundation Solutions is your top choice of foundation repair company in Northern & Central Florida. We offer various solutions to help combat any foundation issue you are experiencing. If you notice cracks within your concrete slabs, call us! We can come to your property and perform a free inspection to determine the severity of the problem. Contact us today!

Do I Need To Fix This?

Depending on the type of crack will depend on if it’s an immediate concern. Longer and wider cracks tend to be the ones that will be more harmful. The most important thing to do is to monitor the cracks. You want to ensure that things like moisture and insects aren’t entering your home through the cracks. Settlement cracking will most likely worsen over time. It’s important to bring in a professional to assess the cracks and determine the proper solution moving forward so you aren’t faced with costly repairs down the road.

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