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cracks in mortar

The symptoms

Cracks in bricks or in the mortar joints are common in many brick homes. But there are some warning signs that could indicate your cracked brick is due to an underlying foundation problem. These include:

Another indication of foundation settlement are cracks that widen on one side. If these symptoms seem familiar, call the professionals at LUX Foundation Solutions for your cracked brick repair needs.

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The Causes

What causes cracks in brick homes? Some common causes include:

If you notice the width and the length of the crack starting to change, it’s important to get a professional in to take a look. At LUX Foundation Solutions we use approved foundation repair solutions that can combat your foundation problems.

Our solution

At LUX Foundation Solutions we will send a team of professionals out to your property to assess the damage. If the cracks are larger and require more attention, we will determine a solution to resolve your problem.

Some common solutions we use include the Grip-Tite Push Piers or Grip-Tite Helical Piles. Both solutions can secure your home’s foundation and restore your structural integrity. Contact us today to get started!

Do I Need To Fix This?

Small cracks within your brick are most likely not effecting your foundation. When the crack is larger and wider- that’s when you need to determine if it’s from a foundation problem. It’s important to put in place the proper solution before additional settling begins.

At LUX Foundation Solutions we offer free inspections to help determine the cause of the cracking and get it fixed right away.

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Are you experiencing cracked bricks at your property?

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