a curved brick wall can be a sign of foundation issues that need wall anchors for stability

5 Ways Wall Anchors Can Fix Foundation Issues

Foundation issues show up in a number of ways. One of these is a curving, bowing, or leaning wall, which may be happening for several reasons. This can be an alarming sight if the problem has become pronounced, but there’s no cause for alarm when homeowners act quickly.

Calling foundation maintenance experts to address the situation is a good idea. They can tell you whether you need wall anchors, a common solution that will soon have your walls back in dependable positions. This guide will explain the wall anchoring process and how it helps a home.

The Main Causes of Foundation Wall Problems

Foundation walls are tough structures built to carry heavy loads for a long time. They aren’t invincible, however, and there are three powerful forces that many foundations face on a 24/7 basis that can wear them down. The topography of a neighborhood and elements like regular rainfall can make some walls more vulnerable than others. Here are the reasons well-constructed walls can start to buckle:

a cracked foundation that could use wall anchors

Hydrostatic Pressure

Foundations surrounded by soil often have to deal with the stress of water-filled earth pushing against them. This hydrostatic pressure makes soil heavier to the point where walls start to struggle and eventually cave in. Pressure can build gradually from rainfall or appear relatively suddenly after a flood.

Invasive Tree Roots

Tree roots exert powerful natural pressures that can reach out toward and beneath a home in search of moisture-rich soil. Roots are so solid that they can push even concrete walls to the  point of leaning or cracking.

Structural Age

Time takes a toll on every home as it weighs down on its foundations and the supporting ground. Shifting soil, slope failure, foundation sink, and normal structural degradation are common over the years and can weaken foundation walls.

Internal moisture or cracking are two common indicators of impending wall weakness, as are any drainage problems or trees close to the house. This detailed guide emphasizes the importance of a professional to know a bulging wall from a leaning one because discerning such differences helps choose the proper repairs. One of the methods professionals frequently use is wall anchors.

How Wall Anchors Handle Foundation Issues

The thought of foundation work can make homeowners worry about two things: how much disruption they’ll have to endure and how much money it’s going to cost. The good news is that wall anchors rank on the lower end of both scales. Here’s how this foundation solution works in practice and the advantages it delivers:

1. Sturdily Fixed at Multiple Points

Wall anchors are tough enough to bring even heavily compromised walls back from the brink. Anchors are inserted into the soil around the property then connected via extendable steel rods that run through the wall to an interior plate, where they are firmly tightened. The anchor force counteracts the weakening pull on the other side and slowly but surely brings the wall back into a functional position.

2. Wall Anchors Are Low Impact

Wall anchors are one of the lowest impacting methods of all foundation fixes. They can, in many cases, return the affected area to stability with very little disturbance to the wall, the wider property, or its surrounding landscape.

3. A More Cost-Effective Method

Wall anchors take less time to install than other foundation repair methods. They are cheaper and much less disruptive than removing and replacing compromised walls, which can involve raising an entire house. Wall anchors are also low maintenance, so it will cost a lot less to keep them in working order.

4. Versatile Application

Basement walls come in many forms, from concrete construction like poured and block to stone, timber, and clay. Wall anchors work equally well on all of these and can be installed at any time of year, typically in less than a day.

5. Simple to Hide

Wall anchors don’t leave homeowners with an engineering eyesore on the structure’s interior that they just have to live with. Anchor plates are very thin and can be easily covered up cosmetically with paint.

The foundation is critical in preserving a home’s structural integrity. Any necessary repairs or maintenance measures are far cheaper in the long run than letting problems worsen, possibly to the point of threatening the health and safety of occupants.

Common Pitfalls With Foundation Wall Issues

Homeowners can miss the subtle signs of wall failure or presume that every kind of foundation wall is affected equally. Consider the following facts to be more aware of potential structural risks:

  • Some wall configurations like concrete block require immediate attention at any sign of weakness. The mortar between the blocks presents a pronounced vulnerability to water erosion and structural stress.
  • Walls don’t need to reach a bowing point to cause severe harm. Even small cracks can allow moisture to gather and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew spores that are hazardous to health.
  • The level of disruption that repairs cause is directly linked to how long a homeowner waits to call the professionals. Act fast to reduce the likelihood of significant maintenance impact on your home and its surroundings.
  • Attempting a DIY fix is dangerous without high levels of skill and experience and could exacerbate existing issues or create new ones.

Give struggling walls the care they need – and yourself peace of mind – by speaking to the foundation maintenance professionals. They can quickly assess the situation and provide a cost-effective, long-term solution to restore your foundation’s stability with the minimum possible disruption to your daily life and structural appearance.

Contact an Expert With Any Questions

Using wall anchors to secure your foundation walls can be the perfect option when applied by experts. LUX Foundation Solutions is proud to be a hand-picked Signature Dealer of Grip-Tite Manufacturing. This lets us provide their Wall Anchor System, which delivers outstanding quality and reliability for your home’s foundation. Contact LUX Foundation Solutions today to arrange a free inspection.