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Concrete Lifting Services In Northern & Central Florida

Slab lifting, or slab jacking as it is sometimes called, is a process used to raise and level concrete slabs and other structures. The process involves the insertion of polyurethane grout under the surface of the slab or structure, which expands and lifts it to the desired level. Slab lifting is often used to fix problems such as uneven floors, cracked driveways, trip hazards on sidewalks and pool decks. This method is accepted as an effective and cost-efficient way to repair sunken concrete slabs without having to replace them completely. There are also environmental benefits from this technique; since no excavation is required during the process, there is no disruption to existing plants and vegetation that would be necessary with traditional methods of repair. If you have any issues with sinking concrete surfaces around your property, then slab lifting may be a good solution for you!

Concrete Lifting

Why does your concrete slab settle?

Here in Florida, there are several reasons why your concrete may settle. One of the main causes of this is washout from water. Here in Florida, we get a lot of rain, and this can lead to major washouts causing your concrete slab to settle. Another reason that may be causing your concrete slab to settle is because of poor compaction. Prior to the concrete being poured, the soil beneath must be compacted together to reduce the space between dirt fragments. This process is extremely important and if not done correctly leads to the soil settling causing voids, which leads to settling of the concrete slab.

How to Fix your Settling Concrete Slab

The first thing you need to do is call the experts at LUX Foundation Solutions. Our crew will come out to your property and assess the damage — free of charge. We will then determine the source of the damage and provide a solution for you.


We know that uneven concrete around your home can be hazardous as well as unpleasant to the eyes. This can also lower the value of your home if you plan to sell. If you want to know how to fix your uneven and cracked concrete, you came to the right place.

First, we drill minimally invasive holes in the affected area that’s needs to be treated. Next, we inject a polyurethane grout that fills the voids and, in many cases, can lift your concrete back to its original position.

Why choose polyurethane grout over replacing the whole concrete slab?

Polyurethane grout has many advantages over traditional demo of concrete. For one thing, it is much less invasive than a complete demo. This allows it to be used in areas where traditional demos would be extremely difficult to get to. Additionally, it dries fast and stronger than other concrete, allowing projects to be completed more quickly. In most cases the polyurethane gout dries within minutes allowing you to have a complete concrete slab ready to be used the same day.


Overall, polyurethane grout is an amazing product that can give amazing results if installed correctly! So why not try out this fantastic product on your next project – you won’t regret it!

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